miércoles, 26 de diciembre de 2012

The Dark Triad Game intro

Finally I can show you some stuff I made for the RPG The Dark Triad.

Here you can view the video intro.

 I made all the storyboarding, rendered 35 of the 60 drawings we included, edited and composed the video in premiere and after effects and made the music, too.
It's crazy! Isn't it?
And I had only one month to do all this work in my free time, because I'm working full-time for a spanish publisher and I 'sacrified' my nights, my weekends and my vacation to meet the project deadline.

And thanks to Daniel Alarcón for helping me with 24 of the 60 drawings I initially sketched. He made also this video possible.

Danah by Rafater
Danah by Rafater

Dark soldiers by Rafater
The dark soldiers kill everyone who is a follower of the White Triad

Vlarmor by Rafater

King James' son by Daniel Alarcón
King James' son by Daniel Alarcón

Thus, the Three Dark Wizards were born…
Thus, the Three Dark Wizards were born...

Grand Master Teoil death by Rafater
Grand Master Teoil death

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